Here’s what we know about ‘Sea of Thieves’

Sea of Thieves is a co-operative pirate motion-journey recreation at present being developed for Xbox One and PC by Uncommon with writer Microsoft Studios. Gamers assume the position of pirates in a shared on-line world filled with treasure and journey. They need to work collectively to correctly crew a ship, crusing the excessive seas looking for swashbuckling enjoyable.

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First revealed at E3 2015, comparatively little has been proven to date, with snippets of alpha gameplay rising within the subsequent months. Under we’ve compiled every little thing that we all know to date concerning the recreation, compiled primarily from Gamescom hands-on impressions,  developer interviews, and official videos. We’ll replace this piece as extra info arrives.

Pirates and ships

Central to the expertise will in fact be the participant’s pirate avatar, which they may have the ability to customise off the bat with gender, physique, look, and outfits. In an effort to hold the give attention to participant talent somewhat than stats, there are not any courses or specializations in Sea of Thieves. Gamers that crew collectively might discover themselves organically falling into specific roles to help each other, however retaining it casual prevents the sport from forcing pirates into a specific fashion of play.

A pirate wouldn’t be something with out their ship, in fact. Ships vary in measurement from slightly one-individual skiff to towering galleons brimming with cannons, with smaller ships buying and selling energy for velocity, maneuverability, and ease of piloting for one individual. Crusing a bigger ship will take a crew, nevertheless, with ropes across the deck that want adjusting, navigational charts under deck, and the helmsman unable to truly see for him- or herself the place the ship goes by means of the sails when unfurled. Whereas not fairly as difficult as precise crusing, the builders are striving for that candy spot between simulation or automation, the place teamwork and talent are rewarded, however with out punishing gamers with none nautical experience.

Each pirates and ships shall be additional upgradable and customizable by means of gameplay, each aesthetically and functionally. Pirates will be capable of put on new outfits, discover new gear, and even exchange their limbs with basic prosetheses. Ships might be fitted with customized figureheads, sails, upgraded cannons, and the like. Extra superior gadgets and upgrades might be readily obvious from their flashier look, making extra harmful rivals apparent from a distance.

The world

Sea of Thieves’ eponymous sea might be expansive and dotted with islands. It should apparently take six to eight hours to circumnavigate. The world shall be subdivided into totally different areas which have their very own emotions, reminiscent of a basic Carribean setting, or a denser wilderness dotted with misplaced civilizations. None of this will probably be procedurally-generated filler, nevertheless; each space of the sport is bespoke, crafted by designers to be distinctive and evocative. Gamers will have the ability to depend on navigation by landmarks as soon as they grow to be extra accustomed to it. The world can be populated by all method of harmful foes like skeletons and krakens.

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Along with wildnerness filled with adventures, there are additionally quite a lot of ports, outposts, and cities all through the world, populated with typical NPC retailers and quest-givers. Apparently NPCs will probably be largely landlocked, nevertheless, because the developer has said a number of occasions that each ship you see on the horizon shall be one other participant.


Though the world will probably be filled with lore and narrative shade, it won’t function an overarching story, per se. As an alternative will probably be crammed with a plethora of smaller tales that may be accomplished in a single or two periods. Along with structured, narrative quests, there will even be procedurally-generated quests to complement them with typical duties like looking for sunken ships or digging up treasure.


Treasure makes the pirate world go spherical, and naturally it is going to function centrally in Sea of Thieves. In basic type, gamers will be capable of discover maps to buried treasure. Quite than simply including a pin to a mini-map, nevertheless, gamers should truly take out the map and take a look at it, first evaluating it to the bigger navigational chart within the ship as a way to decide which island it’s, after which utilizing landmarks on the island itself to find the X earlier than digging it up. Just like the map, nevertheless, treasure additionally exists bodily on the earth. Gamers should haul it again to their ship after which sail to a protected port to be able to money it in for rewards.

Pirate-on-pirate motion

Maybe the best hazard for treasure-searching gamers shall be different gamers. Outdoors of designated protected harbors, gamers will have the ability to assault and steal treasure from one another. Fights can occur ship-to-ship, circling and firing broadsides into each other, or extra instantly with cutlasses and blunderbusses. The risks of being ambushed out on the earth will encourage gamers much more to stay collectively in crews to allow them to watch one another’s backs.

Davy Jones’ Locker

The occasional dying is inevitable on this type of recreation, nevertheless it gained’t be too punishing. Gamers will probably be despatched to a ghostly ferry of the damned, which the builders in comparison with the ready room for the just lately lifeless in Beetlejuice. Aftering sharing a couple of tales with fellow ghosts about their premature demises, gamers will be capable of persuade the captain of the ferry to ship them again to the dwelling, however they could should carry out unspecified duties for him first. Sunk ships will stay in situ, with any treasure left onboard weak to enterprising divers. As soon as the participant has returned, nevertheless, they will fee a magic mermaid to revive their ship.

The developer

Acquired by Microsoft in 2002, British developer Uncommon got here to prominence within the 90s primarily as second-get together developer for Nintendo, producing classics corresponding to Battletoads, Donkey Kong Nation, GoldenEye 007, and Banjo-Kazooie. The studio celebrated its thirtieth birthday in 2015 with a compilation launch of its most beloved titles. Uncommon’s lengthy-earned business cachet is a big a part of the sport’s early pleasure.

When can I play?

Sea of Thieves is at present slated for 2017, however Microsoft has not specified a launch date. Uncommon has already invited followers to attempt the sport in a number of technical alpha play periods.

To leap in and play early, you possibly can follow the game on Twitteror sign up for its official Insider Program to remain abreast of improvement, together with upcoming alpha and beta play alternatives.

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