Meizu Pro 7: News, Rumors, and Leaks

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Meizu’s Pro 6 was a solid flagship, but its successor looks to further distance itself from the competition with a very unique feature in the form of a rear-mounted secondary display.

Meizu is ready to show the world the Meizu Pro 7, its follow up to the Pro 6 and Pro 6 Plus, and fans for the brand won’t have to wait long before seeing the phone. Like the Pro 6, we’re seeing two versions of the device, a standard model and a larger Pro 7 Plus. However, it’s not certain Meizu will reveal both Pro 7 phones on the same day. Rumors are spreading for both though, so here’s everything we know about the Meizu Pro 7.


Meizu Pro 7

Meizu will announce the Pro 7 on July 26. This isn’t a rumor, and Meizu has tweeted the date along with a series of teaser images, and shared the news on its official Facebook page, in case there was any doubt about the date. A previous report from GizmoChina predicted the July 26 date.

Meizu sent Digital Trends a picture of a press invitation to the event (seen above), which seems to contain a mock-up of the phone itself, and it shares the same unusual rear panel design we’ve seen in leaked images — namely that section surrounding the camera. There is some speculation this may be a second screen, but this has yet to be confirmed, and it may simply be a new space to contain the antenna array in an all-metal phone.


meizu pro 7 news renders 1

The most prominent feature of the Pro 7’s design is the section surrounding the camera lens on the rear of the phone. It’s possible this is a secondary display slotted just underneath the rear camera, and is believed to show information including the time, date, and notifications. The panel was first seen in a series of illustrations, posted on Chinese social media website Weibo, that were based on previous leaks and showed a cutout for a display on the back under the camera.

Otherwise, the phone appears much more conventional along the front. Our best look yet at the Pro 7’s design comes from a series of renders obtained by Compareaja and OnLeaks. From these images, we see a device resembling the recently released OnePlus 5, with chunky bezels at the top and bottom, considerably narrower ones on the side, and an oval fingerprint sensor and home button.

Interestingly enough, other leaks have shown a radical, borderless edge-to-edge design similar to the Xiaomi Mi Mix, which made headlines for having a huge display.

It also seems like the phone will be extremely thin — it will come in at only 6.5mm thick, according to the leaks. The larger Pro 7 looks to boast a relatively large 5.62-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2,160 x 1,080 and an 18:9 aspect ratio, similar to the LG G6 or Samsung Galaxy S8. The report on the screen comes courtesy of a series of Weibo posts.


There’s still much we don’t yet know about the Pro 7’s hardware, though those aforementioned Weibo posts do provide some clues. When it comes to the battery, the device looks to offer mCharge 4.0, which can charge the phone completely in only 40 minutes. Excellent performance, but not quite up to the blazing 20 minutes seen in Meizu’s still-to-come Super mCharge. It could come with 6GB of RAM, which will likely become the standard for flagship phones in 2017, as well as either 64GB or 128GB of storage.

Depending on the design Meizu elects to go with, there might be no space left for the front-facing camera above the screen. In one of the images above, we see a possible solution to that problem: a pop-out camera which raises up from the top edge of the device. This camera could be 8 megapixels, according to the leak, while the rear-facing camera is said to be 12 megapixels. The battery is rated at 3,060mAh.

Update: We’ve added in official confirmation from Meizu regarding the Pro 7’s announcement date.

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