‘Resident Evil 7’ weapons guide: Get the weapons you’ll need to survive

In contrast to the previous few video games within the collection, Resident Evil 7 is a horror recreation first and an motion recreation second. However that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t fear about your arsenal — quite the opposite, surviving the Baker property requires mastery over all the sport’s weapons. To master them, although, you’ll have to seek out them first. This information will enable you to get your palms on each single weapon in Resident Evil 7. You’ll want them.

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The hatchet is the primary weapon you get in Resident Evil 7, and also you’ll instantly use it to fend off a really indignant opponent. Sadly, you’ll lose it after the sport’s prologue and there’s at present no recognized approach to get it again.

M19 Handgun

You’ll get the M19 Handgun throughout Resident Evil 7’s prologue within the Visitor Home, in a room close to the attic. It’s taken from you shortly afterward however it’s attainable to get the gun again later. Use a restore package on the damaged handgun you get within the trailer within the yard and also you’re again in enterprise. The primary accessible restore package is underneath the primary home’s porch, throughout from the trailer, behind a metallic sheet you possibly can pry off.  

Folding Knife

The primary knife you’ll use all through Resident Evil 7, to open crates and fend off enemies in determined occasions whenever you’re out of ammo, is given to you as a part of the story after the dinner scene in the primary home.

G17 Handgun

This much less highly effective handgun is on the bottom within the storage. You should use it through the first boss struggle with Jack. It’s arduous to overlook.

M37 shotgun

The M37 shotgun is the primary weapon you can probably miss as you discover the Baker property. After you have entry to the primary home’s basement (the “processing space”) go searching till you discover the scorpion key. Take that as much as the rec room on the home’s second flooring and use it to enter Grandma’s room (be careful for Jack, who at this level might be patrolling this space). Take the damaged shotgun from there and swap it with the shotgun being held by the statue in the primary corridor (the M37). With the M37 in your stock and the damaged shotgun within the statue’s arms, you’ll be free to exit the room and proceed.


The chainsaw is a strong melee weapon that’s sadly out there for just one struggle: The second encounter with Jack. Decide it up from the corpse as soon as he grabs his big scissors. Sadly there’s presently no recognized strategy to get it outdoors that struggle.

forty four MAG

The magnum is accessible as quickly as you escape the Bakers’ most important home and enter the trailer within the yard, offered you’ve collected sufficient vintage cash. It takes 9 to unlock the forty four, although it’s arguably not value it since ammo is so scarce all through the sport. If you’ll use it, higher to seize the stabilizer and/or steroids first and seize the magnum later within the recreation.


The burner is a superb device for taking out the swarms and different bugs within the Previous Home. You’ll should assemble it from elements discovered all through Marguerite’s territory: The nozzle, out again within the water station, and the grip, outdoors the gallery space. Mix them and you’ve got the flamethrower.

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