Sega has given the first four Yakuza games a limited reprint

Why it matters to you

If Sega’s experiment in reprinting old, rare, games from past generations is a success, other companies may follow suit.

If you just finished the recent Yakuza: 6 and were wanting to play through the original games, then there’s good news.

Sega has released a limited reprint of the first four Yakuza titles, available now on Amazon and Video Games Plus.

It seems insane that Sega would release PlayStation 2 games in 2017, but it’s definitely a cool thing the company did for its most hardcore fans. While the first Yakuza game isn’t particularly difficult to come across, it was Yakuza 2 that’s been a pain point for fans. Because the game didn’t see many copies printed, used sales surpass $100. But with new copies now in circulation, it’s sure to upend the used Yakuza 2 market.

Unfortunately, these games are priced close to or at the original MSRP, meaning gamers wont get a discount buying a game originally released in 2006. Both Yakuza and Yakuza 2 retail for $50, with Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4 at $40.

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The first Yakuza game was released in 2005 in Japan and 2006 in North America. The game has seen five sequels and multiple spin-offs. For fans that jumped on to the Yakuza series later on, many have hoped that an HD port would occur for the first two Yakuza games. That port actually did occur, but was a Japanese exclusive. While the PlayStation 3 is region free, the game lacked any english subtitles or voice acting. Some fans have actually imported the Japanese HD port and followed along with a guide. That’s dedication.

It is cool that Sega has taken the time to re-release these games for fans, but many are wondering if Sega will give past generation Yakuza games a modern remaster. Unfortunately, last year’s Yakuza 6 wasn’t a breakout sales success, so it’s not looking likely that Sega will invest the resources to remastering past Yakuza games.

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