The complete guide to using a MicroSD card on your Android phone

Space for storing has all the time been a problem for smartphones, and whereas managing storage is getting a bit of simpler because of some wonderful cloud storage choices, many nonetheless discover it needed to make use of a MicroSD card for all their storage wants.

Utilizing MicroSD playing cards can typically be a bit tough. From balancing information to selecting the best card within the first place, there’s so much to remember. That’s why we’ve put collectively this information — that will help you work out easy methods to use MicroSD playing cards in your Android telephone.

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Inserting the MicroSD card

Totally different telephones have totally different strategies for putting in MicroSD playing cards, however by far the most typical one today on excessive-finish telephones is thru the SIM card tray. To put in the SD card, you’ll want a small pin or SIM tray opener. Merely push the pin into the small gap within the tray, and the tray ought to pop open. Place the MicroSD card on the tray within the applicable spot, then slide the tray again into the telephone, ensuring it’s the suitable approach up. It’s actually that straightforward!

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